Custom Fasteners

Northwest Fastener & Supply can help with your specialized project needs. We offer an extensive custom fastener modification service with broad capabilities. With our large in-house machine shop, we can offer custom modified fasteners to our customers at low prices. Just let us know what fasteners you need modified or customized for your job, and we’ll make it to your specifications. We have several different types of modified fasteners already in stock!

Please contact our sales department to assist you in your specific project needs.

  • Drilled Bolts, Tommy Nuts, Slotted Nuts, and Wire Safety Nuts

    We offer a large shop with several automated machines capable of drilling holes through the head of the bolt to be used with a safety wire. We drill precise holes of various sizes according to customer specifications or industry standards. All drilling is completed in-house for high efficiency, speedy delivery, and great prices.

  • Shoulder Bolts, Studs & Rods, and Other Modified Fasteners

    We can modify any fastener to your drawings or specs. Whether you need a Hex Shoulder Bolt to order, a Custom Stud in Single-end, Double-end, or All-Thread, or any special modified fastener for your project, let us quote you.

  • Thread Cutting and Other Cutting

    We have the right machines capable of threading your material or ours. And we can cut studs or bolts to very specific sizes for you. We are fast and offer competitive pricing.

  • Chamfering and Head Marking

    We have the machines to chamfer and mark our custom machined fasteners.